Heaven’s Speakers and Amplifiers: Get Jacked

Picture a speaker, an amplifier. Then picture the power cord, plugged into an external source of power. That speaker, that amplifier is you. The Eternal source of power is the Holy Spirit, which you were plugged into, flowing freely, because of Christ Jesus.

There you sit, on a stage. You know there is power flowing into you, through you, you know you were made to release a sound.

For many of you, the accuser came in and shamed you for not making a sound. For not generating the grand orchestration for others to hear. But, what speaker, what amplifier makes its own song? Do we despise the speaker or the amplifier for not creating the sound? No. That is not the role of the speaker or the amplifier. That is the role of the Grand Creator, the Great Musician. He creates the sound and flows it through you, so that others may hear.

My first desire is that you would cease to believe the lie that you are failing at creating/generating a message, a song, an expression in your own ability. That isn’t your grand design. You were designed to proclaim what He is doing, what He has done, and reveal (in an amplified way), to all who will listen, what The Lord is saying, in and through you; just like the speaker and the amplifier.

My second desire is to remind you to be jacked into the Great Creator, our Lord, our God. To allow Him to be projected to you. See it as this: He is always creating. He is always singing over creation. He is always speaking to His beloveds, but if we are 1. Turned off, or 2. Not connected to Him, the sounds of His wonder, the sounds of His creation, the sounds of His love, cease to flow through us.

If you feel like you are not producing a sound, release yourself from the burden of having to create the sound. Remove your mindset from the lie that it is your responsibility to create that movement, that symphony, that orchestration, and recognize that He delights in revealing His profound movements through you; first by flowing it into you, so that it fills your coils, then by flowing it out of you so that the World may hear and know His sound!

If we could create our own sound, like the amplifier that is plugged in, but not connected to the Musician; the sound is not pleasing. It does not draw others to it. Rather, others cover their ears and move away from the shrill shrieks of the powered-up amplifier without a musician. If the sound coming out of your life is shrill, it’s possible that you have received the power of the Lord, but you are not fully jacked into the message that He is playing.

The fix for a soundless, powerless, or shrill amplifier is easy in all, or any of the aforementioned conditions is simple: Ask Him.

Father, I acknowledge I am your amplifier, your speaker. You are the Power in my life. You are the Great Musician with a message, a song of Your Love for the World. It is my desire to be filled with the things, the sounds, the songs, the new things of you. Plug me into your power, jack me into your message, your song, your testimony, and play through me, love through me, freely, that the World would be drawn to a place where they can know you. In every “stage” of my life, I am your amplifier. I am your speaker. I will not be silent any longer nor will I produce a sound of my own which drives others away. I desire to be, and am, through your son Jesus, through Your Holy Spirit, One with You! Let your Love sing through my life!